Bed Bug Removal

It’s undeniable that the resurgence of reported bed bug infestations is on the rise within the country, spreading to epidemic proportions. P.W. Stephens Environmental knows the importance of providing ecologically safe and chemically-free extermination services. As a licensed contractor of the patented ThermaPureHeat process, we use a clean, dry, odorless and chemical-free green technology which eradicates bed bugs, including their eggs, in one convenient, hassle-free treatment.

ThermaPureHeat is a technological breakthrough in treating entire structures, such as single family homes, apartments, condominiums, hospitals, nursing facilities, medical laboratories, industrial complexes and offices for the infestation of not only bed bugs, but also drywood termites, powerpost beetles, carpenter ants and other wood destroying insects.

Our trained service technicians use specially designed heaters to create a heated air flow through Mylar ducts into designated treatment areas to kill bed bugs and wood destroying inspects without the use of fumigation or other chemical applications. While laboratory tests have proven 120®F for 30 minutes is lethal to any wood destroying insect, such as termites, our ThermaPureHeat technicians raise temperatures to 160®F, no hotter than a sauna, to achieve 130®F wood-core temperatures for over an hour. This process ensures that bed bugs and their eggs do not survive, while also sanitizing the treatment area by eliminating most bacteria, odors and fungi. No other technology accomplishes so much in one treatment period!

Inside temperatures are monitored by state-of-the-art digital thermometer and needle-thin temperature probes to ensure that wood core temperatures are maintained at optimal levels, which are lethal to such organisms. No detail is overlooked by our team, including the protection of your valuables, which is why large heat-sensitive objects such as stereos, computers and TV’s are protected by special thermal blankets. Items such as plants, artwork and candles are temporarily removed from the treatment areas as a safety measure.

For more information regarding the application of our ThermaPureHeat treatment process, please contact us at 800-750-7733 or by contacting us at

California Contractors License #922790, DTSC #5886, Cal OSHA #966

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California Contractors License #922790, DTSC #5886, Cal OSHA #966
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